How to Recognize Your Car Battery is Failing

If you're able to recognize the warning signs that your car battery could be failing, you have a better chance of getting to a service station before your you wind up stuck somewhere flagging down other drivers for a jump.

Here are a few of the top warning signs of a failing car battery:

  • The car battery appears to be swollen and there is a very strong odor coming from the battery compartment.
  • The lights inside the car are flickering, the check-engine light stays lit, and the car headlights are dim when the car's first started.
  • Each morning when you try to start the car, the engine is cranking over very slowly to the point it might even need a jump in order to get running.

If you suspect that your battery might be failing, come on down to Dokmo Ford in Northfield, MN. The experts at our service center can help you confirm your issues and get the maintenance you needs to keep your car running.

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