Protect yourself from no-fault accidents with GAP insurance

Imagine your enjoyment of the dream car you waited so long to buy. You tell your friends about the low down payment, and you tell them about the 72-month loan term. One day at an intersection in Northfield, you are waiting for the person ahead of you to turn. Suddenly you hear the sound of screeching tires from behind. You are rear-ended and pushed into the car in front of you. All persons involved are shaken but fine. Your car suffers the majority of the damage, and the insurance company considers your vehicle a total loss.

The market value of the car you worked so hard for has dropped to $20,000, but your new car loan is $25,000. Fortunately for you, the GAP insurance added to your vehicle purchase will cover the difference between your car’s value and the amount covered by your insurance policy. Speak to Dokmo Ford today about the GAP insurance options available in your area.

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