Could Your Tire Wear Indicate Bad Springs?

Your car's tires support a lot of the weight of your vehicle, but the majority is actually carried by the springs in your suspension system. Over time, these springs become more and more worn out and support less of the weight of your vehicle. This puts added stress on your tires and can cause excessive wear and tear. If you notice that your tires are starting to wear faster or unevenly, bring your vehicle to our Ford service destination in Northfield, MN for an inspection today.

If a car has bad springs, it will generally lean to one side or the other, as they typically wear unevenly. The side that sits lower is where you will notice that tires are being worn down faster. In some cases, bad springs can cut the life of a tire in half or more.

Do not burn money by burning excess rubber! As soon as you notice excessive tire wear, it is important to schedule a service appointment at Dokmo Ford so we can get you rolling.

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