Does the Ford Mustang Have New Digital Instruments?

In the 2018 Ford Mustang trims, you will find an LCD all-digital display in front of the steering wheel. Every instrument that used to use pointers and malfunction lights now displays in a digital format. Yes, that includes all instruments. Though the display area is no larger than before, you can select the information you wish to display.

The LCD unit in the Mustang is customizable to your preferences. You can display your speed using a digital readout or the familiar circle of numbers with a pointer indicating your speed. The tachometer can be displayed as a side-to-side sweep or the traditional circular numbers and pointer. Your temperature gauge, tire pressure, oil pressure, and even your mileage and miles until empty indicators are displayable on the 12.4-inch screen.

See how versatile your Mustang digital display unit is when you visit us at Dokmo Ford in Northfield.

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