New Ford Taurus Comes With Helpful Technology Features

When the crew at Dokmo Ford got to experience the technology features in the new Ford Taurus, we couldn't wait to pass on that information. This popular full-size sedan has features designed to keep you and others safer when driving.

To keep you safe even when at high speeds, your Ford Taurus has the Blind Spot Information System working to identify if another vehicle is moving in or near your blind spots. If detected, the side mirrors on your vehicle flash so you know what side of the car is trouble and where not to change lanes.

Even when there is a risk of a collision on the road, your Ford Taurus is able to assist in keeping you safe. Once the Pre-Collision Assist system detects a collision-risk, you get a visual warning following by sound alerts. If the threat still exists, the system pre-charges the brakes and slows the vehicle.



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