Ford Transit Passenger Wagon Versatility Features

These days, a car is more than just a vehicle to get from point to point. It's a delivery mechanism and a communication station all in one, too. The Ford Transit Passenger Wagon is one of Dokmo Ford's best-selling cars in no small part because of the many things it can do.

One of those things is the number of seating options from which you can choose. With the Ford Transit, you have a choice between two seats, five seats, 12 seats, or as many as 14 seats if you have a lot of passengers to carry around town.

How many seats you want is up to you, but that is dependent on the height option. The Ford Transit Passenger Wagon has three roof heights: low, medium, and high. Whether you have small or large cargo, Dokmo Ford is excited to work with you to find the right option.



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