Ford Ranger is Designed for Adventure

The Ford Ranger is a mid-sized truck that has been a favorite for many decades. Now, new design features give fans even more to love. Let’s take a look at these new design features to see what is in store.

Ford drivers can choose to haul people or place the emphasis on cargo if that is what you need. You can choose the SuperCab or SuperCrew. You can also tell Ford to leave out the back seat so that you can fit in the gear that you need for your next adventure, making this one of the most versatile trucks around.

Ford did not skimp on technology either. They included an advanced lane-keeping system that will alert you when you have drifted out of lane. If you continue to drift out of lane, a coffee icon will remind you that it might be time a break. Everyone can stay connected with a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot, and this is only the beginning.



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