Smart Features Motorists Appreciate in the Ford C-Max

When a vehicle arrives on the lot at Dokmo Ford that is full of useful and smart features, our team feels the need to pass that information on to motorists. The new Ford C-Max compact hybrid is growing in popularity thanks to features like these.

The Ford C-Max can help make traveling in reverse easier and safer. Shift the vehicle into reverse, the rear back-up camera system is activated automatically and will convert the center console screen into your camera monitor. Now you'll be able to easily see the objects that come into your path and take corrective action quickly.

The way the Enhanced Active Park Assist system works in the Ford C-Max is simple. Press the activate button when ready to park, and the sensors scan the road for the perfect parking space. once found, you'll be prompted to brake, shift, and accelerate, the steering is done by the navigation system.



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