Which Custom Package Will You Install in the Ford Mustang?

You can ask Dokmo Ford to install the GT Performance Package in the Ford Mustang. As one of the most recognizable muscle cars worldwide, this sleek model comes with plenty of customization options.

The package includes the Brembo brakes that have front calipers with six pistons. An instrument panel with the Engine Spun design has some classic racing inspirations. A large radiator and the K-brace are other notable mechanical components in the GT Performance Package. However, the rear spoiler is deleted when this comprehensive bundle is installed. An upsized sway bar improves acceleration in the rear wheels, and the TORSEN differential generates optimum locking ratios.

This Ford sports car is also available with the California Special Package. A suede finish with the Miko label covers the front seats. Side stripes add some vintage styling to the aerodynamic profile. Additionally, the special package has side scoops for reduced drag effects.



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