Ford Explorer Offers Exceptional Performance

The new Ford Explorer offers amazing features for those who want power and fuel efficiency in a midsize SUV. Leading the class, the Explorer is one of the top SUVs on the market right now. This includes the base edition with 300 horsepower in a turbocharged four-cylinder, but there's plenty of trims to look at with the Explorer. For example, the EcoBoost lineup is in a class of its own. The electric engine is turbocharged and gets 318 horsepower while still achieving above average fuel efficiency.

For those who want to experience more power and control, the Platinum and ST versions of the Explorer are the best options. You'll get a twin turbocharged V6 that can deliver 400 horsepower easily. It's fast and easy to drive on any road, as well as haul boats, trailers, and other equipment.

You can test drive the latest lineup of Explorers by visiting Dokmo Ford today.



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