Get Ford Tough With the F-150

The Ford F-150 leads the pack when it comes to the light-duty, full-size pickup category. It continues to hold high sales numbers with drivers all over the country. It's not hard to see why with its class-leading towing ability, range of powerful engines, spacious cabin and user-friendly infotainment system.

Why is the F-150 so tough? Start with its body and bed made from military-grade aluminum-alloy. This is hard and heat-treated aluminum that allows the F-150 to be both lighter and tougher. It also helps give it the best payload and towing ability in its class. The toughness doesn't stop there. The frame is made from high-strength steel. It's stronger and more rigid, but also about 60 pounds lighter due to a specialized construction process.

Come see the Ford F-150's toughness for yourself by visiting Dokmo Ford today and taking this best-selling pickup for a test drive.



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